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Pet-Agree™ Veterinary Practice Software has been acclaimed for its ease of use. The menu driven structure of the product allows you to easily select the task you wish to perform. The logical structure of the menu system will guide you from initial setup to daily production with a minimum of effort or previous computer knowledge. First time computer users find themselves at ease with the software, productive and servicing clients after a short training period and initial setup.

Pet-Agree™ Veterinary Practice Software is also parameter driven. This means that you can set parameters and conditions to match your practice. You do not need to adapt your practice to the software. In extreme situations, Pet-Agree™ can be modified to suit the needs of the practice. This flexible easy to use software product will provide you with the following benefits:

  • more productive staff

  • more efficient doctors

  • improve your ability to please your clients

  • reduce inventory cost and waste

  • generate lost revenue with automated reminders

  • recover lost revenue with group posting

  • maintain and increase your client base with marketing functions

  • management reporting tools to help control your business

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